Week 9

August 2017


This is VITAL all members read this admin post.

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However well meaning people are, until a legal trust is set up on behalf of the victim families and survivors, there is no formal system for ensuring that donations go them in the best way at this point.

I am aware of a degree of fraud around the use of "Grenfell Tower", which is abhorrent. illiciting donations via facbook in informal ways only creates more problems.

In this vacuum, you must appreciate there are many people who are sincere in gathering donations in the name of Grenfell but not knowing how to best distribute them.

In this current confusion, the only thing that is 100% clear is very little of the money collected is reaching genuine victims in the area at this point.

Only contact community centres in the surrounding areas (and check they are the historic ones residents use).

Please note that I do not claim to represent residents. Please be wary of those that do, as genuine victims and residents would not solicit money through facebook at this point.

Pls hold on to your money until a Trust led by the residents is set up and announced.

Thank you.

Karolina Hardy

(Local mother
Doula at Neighbourhood Doulas
Crafts teacher
Maxilla and Golborne Nursery Parent Governor -

This page is for finding ways to help.

Please if you have valuable information post it.

If you are unsure if its true, don’t. Check first.

Lets channel our energy into helping and supporting others.

Spreading conspiracy theories and hateful comments is not what the community needs.


Admin team