Poetry For Grenfell

Collecting poetry related to Grenfell.



Princess Emmanuelle, a west London (Grove) raised Poetess and Freelance Youth Worker in Dance Theatre is compiling a Bilingual poetry and eyewitness account book about the terrible Grenfell incident. She invites people to contribute and will not discriminate on ability, view, or languages used. Please mail any pieces or ideas to my Kamitan Arts e.mail: or Facebook message her on the Facebook page.


A West London publishing company will be supporting this project and all proceeds (once publishing costs are cut out) will go towards the survivors and families of those that have passed in this tragedy, via a fully researched charity or organisation. Any surplus in funds from the poetry compilation will go towards a documentary / short film created by local young people and adults on the Grenfell fire.


Kamitan Arts (KA) is a Positive and Creative Project-based, Non-Profit Group that promotes and creates Mixed-Cultural platforms to learn, develop and share artistic and cultural knowledge and "Overstanding", through Love, Unity, Peace and Respect.


They provide workshops, shows / sharings and put on productions in film, dance, music, poetry, theatre projects, and artist representation and development. From the disadvantaged, talented communities of Ladbroke Grove - West London through 'Notting Hill' to Sudan, Brazil, and *Kamit (Egypt). Their artistic and humanitarian presence has been in RBKC and specifically Ladbroke Grove for over 15 years as freelancers.

Grenfell Media Watch

Monitoring the activities of the media in relation to the mainstream media.

Grenfell MediaWatch is made up by a small team of activists & volunteers monitoring mainstream and social media reporting on the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Grenfell Disaster Archive

Witness account database


A database created of first hand witness accounts, being updated by locals and their well wishers so that their voices can be accessed and heard.

Bags of Love for Grenfell

Collecting and donating toys

Run by Jenna and Stevan whose uncle, Denis sadly passed away on the 14th June.
They have lots of donated toys and are looking for more as they are hoping to reach as many of the children who lived in Grenfell Tower as possible. Each child will receive a backpack full of age and gender appropriate toys & gifts.
The gifts will be *new* and as much as possible we will work towards meeting particular likes.
For now please contact us them messager on Facebook to give us your child’s age and gender, likes and dislikes. We will soon have a form up for you to use which should make it a bit easier.
The details will remain private and are only for verification purposes and to help select the right gifts.
To potential donators – if you can donate anything please get in touch.

Cornwall Hugs Grenfell

Cornwall vacations for survivors, close neighbours and firefighters

Cornwall Hugs Grenfell is a project set up to provide holidays to Cornwall for Grenfell Tower survivors, close neighbours and firefighters.

Over 100 have booked so far and over 200 accommodation providers of all sizes have pledged their support.

The project leaders and volunteers aim to continue the project into 2019.

Grenfell Tower Holiday Appeal

Gathering offers of holidays for survivors, families and firefighters

A project asking for free donation of holidays to all those affected by the fire. Victims, their families and the fire fighters. Their aim is to provide a much needed break away free of charge and have some respite away from the horrendous situation.