Charities and independent organizations

Charity support

Family Action Grenfell Tower Fund
Available to residents of Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk. Grants of up to £2,000 per household with the option to apply again in two months for a second grant if funds are available.

Apply in person through any of the following partner organisations:

  • Assistance Centre, The Curve, 10 Bard Road, W10 6TP
  • The Clement James Centre, 95 Sirdar Road, London W11 4EQ
  • Venture Centre, 103A Wornington Road, London W10 5YB
  • The Rugby Portobello Trust, 221 Walmer Road, London W11 4EY
  • Action on Disability Kensington and Chelsea, ADKC Centre, Whitstable House, Silchester Road, London W10 6SB


Fresh Start Grants – The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation
Every family that has been made homeless will also receive a £10,000 ‘fresh start’ grant.
A grant of £10,000 per household from Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk, once they have been provided with confirmation of new temporary or permanent accommodation.
Speak to the New Homes Team at Rugby Portobello Trust on 020 7229 2928 or email for more information.


Grenfell Tower travel assistance – The British Red Cross
Funding for travel for humanitarian purposes, such as memorial services or funerals
Request an application form by calling 0207 877 7292. You can also email


London Community Foundation/Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund
Public donations to the London Community Foundation/Evening Standard appeal

For each household in Grenfell Tower, and those households from the surrounding area, that will never be able to return to their homes:

  • £2,000 in emergency grants
  • £10,000 as a fresh start grant

(please note, this is in addition to the Fresh Start Grant separately offered by the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation).

This can be collected from:

  • The Rugby Portobello Trust, 221 Walmer Road, London W11 4EY
  • Al-Manaar, the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, 244 Acklam Road, London W10 5YG UK


London Emergencies Trust – funding for the bereaved and injured
Public donations to the British Red Cross, Kensington and Chelsea Foundation and the London Community Foundation/Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund.

  • The next of kin of an individual who died or is missing, presumed dead will receive £20,000
  • Any individual who has been hospitalised for at least a week will receive £10,000
  • Any individual who was hospitalised for at least six hours will receive £3,500

To apply, call the British Red Cross support line on 0800 458 9472 or talk to your Key Worker or Family Liaison Officer, who have access to application forms.

Central Government

Support from central government

Department for Work and Pensions

The government has a £5 million Grenfell Tower Residents' Discretionary Fund, including £5,000 into bank accounts for each household and £500 cash for individuals who have permenantly lost their home to help meet immediate needs.


Visit The Grenfell Assistance Centre, The Curve, 10 Bard Road, W10 6TP for assistance. Or contact:

Or speak to your police family liaison officer who will help you with the process.

Every family who lost someone in the fire will receive £20,000.

Those seriously injured will receive up to £10,000. Those injured and hospitalised for 6 hours or more will receive £3,500.

Any payments from the funds listed will not affect people’s benefits.

Banking Support

Information from banks

Please contact your bank using the details below to arrange for emergency funds, replacement cards or assistance accessing your account. You may also visit your local branch, where staff are on-hand to help with account queries and access.

Barclays: 0345 734 5345

HSBC: 0345 609 2527

Lloyds: 0345 300 0000

Halifax: 0345 720 3040

Bank of Scotland: 0345 721 3141

Co-op: 0345 721 2212

RBS: 0161 451 0218

NatWest: 0161 451 0217

Santander: 0800 015 6382

Nationwide: 0800 917 2393


Barclays bank customers affected by the fire, can also go to 137 Ladbroke Grove, W11 1PR for cash, advice and support.


Natwest Bank customers affected by the fire can also call:

Mariam | Branch Manager, Notting Hill Gate | 07776 162813

Andrew Oglesby | Area Manager | 07500 064166


Information for businesses affected by Grenfell

Businesses that have seen a reduction in trade since Grenfell Tower disaster can apply to RBKC for hardship relief:

020 7361 3276

Food Expenses

Information for people in hotels

Those residents currently staying in hotel accommodation are able to claim expenses for any food costs. Adults and children over the age of five can claim up to £300 each per week, and children under five can receive up to £150 per week to cover food costs.

People can choose to eat at their hotel or elsewhere depending on their preference. If people choose to eat at their hotel they can charge the costs to their hotel room. People can also make use of room service and charge it to their room, if available.

For more information, residents should speak to their key worker.

Rent refund

Rent refund for ‘finger block’ residents

Residents from Hurstway Walk, Testerton Walk and Barandon Walk who have mistakenly been charged rent or service charge, despite this period being free of charge up until 28 January 2018, can get this refunded.

Affected individuals should visit the TMO desk at Westway, where they can complete a rent reclaim form. Residents must then either send the form or take it to The Hub, 292a Kensal Road, W10 5BE. The money will then be refunded to them by BACS or by cheque.